Problem writing letters left to right in Photoshop

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The opposite problem of writing letters in Photoshop

Fix the problem of writing letters left to right in Photoshop

Hello, the regular companions of Parnian Tarh website 

Today, we are at your service, dear users, by teaching you how to solve the problem of writing Persian letters left to right in Photoshop.

One of the problems with working with Photoshop is the problem of writing left and right in Persian letters. The reason that the letters are written from the left is that this software is made in Latin by default and is left Chinese. Therefore, in Persian, you must follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial from the settings section to align the letters.

Shape from the left of the letters in Photoshop

From the left, the Persian letters are written in Photoshop as follows.

Example of the word play planner:

Writing letters from the right >> پرنیان طرح

Writing letters from the left >> ح ر ط ن ا ی ن ر پ

Steps to align Persian letters correctly

first step :

To align letters, first open your Photoshop software.

Open a new page or image in Photoshop.

Step 2:

From the top menu, go to the Edit tab and select Preferences from the menu that opens

Step 3:

After going to the Preferences option, another menu will open next to this option. In this menu, we must select the Type option.

Step 4:

After clicking on the Type option, this page will open for you.

There are two options on this page that we must uncheck Latin and East Asian Layout and enable Word-Ready Layout.

Finally, click ok.

Step Five:

After completing these steps, you can write Persian letters in Photoshop from right to left.

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